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(1) What are the costs involved?

The minimum initial investment is $20.  There is an optional initial investment of approximately $250 if wanting to begin with more momentum.

Monthly costs are approximately the same. Obviously, any profits earned cover those costs.

(2) Is training provided?

Yes, online courses will be provided.  These are optional, but anyone wanting to earn serious income will complete them, without being reminded.  Similar to buying a fast-food franchise, the corporation will have a new-owner training that must be completed.

(3) How long has the company been in operation?

Since 2006

(4) How long before I see profits?

Everyone is different.  You’ll meet many folks who are making incredible money very fast.  You’ll also see people quit or drop out.  The testimonials are incredible but it’s always good practice to hope for fast growth… but plan for slow & steady growth.

(5) What type of profits are being earned by others?

Four & five-figure monthly incomes are being earned by many people.  They’re our hardest workers.  Folks who treat this as a hobby, earn far less.  A couple hundred -> a thousand per month.